My Story (an Original Spoken Word Poem)

Let me tell you my story – I don’t know if there’s a happily ever after
What I can tell you is that through the sadness and pain, my life’s full of laughter

Alright so, my life has never been a peaceful walk in the park
Some days have just been so damn dark

I promise, I was born a delightfully happy-go-lucky kid
But all that went downhill, it’s like someone unscrewed the lid

For so many years, I was beaten and bruised
Blood, sweat, and tears, outta me it all just oozed

Called so many names, I started to believe them
What I shoulda believed though, is that I’m a priceless gem

Much time passed and I found myself a 20+ year old
Just watching my life starting to unfold

Reality hit and I was all grown up, not a child no more
I had seen too much sadness and hurt, apparently that’s all I was good for

I started taking the blame for things I wasn’t to blame for
The angrier I got, the more things I slammed, door after door

It’s like I was so hurt and broken, I was sinking into a hole, that’s all
Talking to me was like talking to a brick wall

I found myself wishing things a person should never wish
But like every shot I took, it was a miss after miss

As all the lights started to dim
I would pray and pray, late at night to Him

“Why God, why me, why me”
From these thoughts, I could never flee

But even at my darkest, I never wished darkness on him or her, you see
Cause I would never ever wish for anyone else to be me

And when things would get a little too much
I would just tell myself, “Hey, it’s okay, just hush”

I used to look at my reflection and see
The most important person not smiling back at me

There were good days and there were bad days, all wrapped with a bow
Ups and downs, there was just no flow

I found myself falling, sinking, all alone
Then I knew i had to find myself, all on my own

I shoulda asked for help sooner, but I thought that would make me weak
What I didn’t know was that there was help all around me, all for me to seek

I sought out to seek a great perhaps
And found pieces of myself, with no clues or maps

Now I wake up every morning with the intent to make others laugh and smile
That’s what makes my life all the worthwhile

Now I don’t avoid my reflection, I look in the mirror
I smile and I see myself a little more clearer

I took all the self hate and put it in a box
I’ve realized that negativity talks but positivity walks

So now here I am, breathing and alive
Achieving goals, one by one, just trying to thrive

I’m trying to hold onto some peace, love, and sanity
In every day, I try to seek clarity

I’m a work in progress, as we all are
But self-love is the only thing that’ll take us anywhere far

Someone great once told me that without all the lows, we’d never appreciate all the highs
I guess what that means is, make sure your hope never dies

Honestly, the whole point of this is to say
You just gotta wake up and live life with belief, day after day

Life’s a struggle and then you die
The only thing I know is that you gotta believe, jump off, and fly

22 thoughts on “My Story (an Original Spoken Word Poem)

  1. believe it or not – you are understood – tho I don’t know what happened, and have not looked back at the rest of your blog – i know you are brave and this is a great poem – glad to see @tripleclicka has reblogged this – you two should have a chat!

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  2. Wow. You have really put yourself out there. I love that you moved from such a state of despair to something so positive and upbeat. I am glad you could write about it but I expect it was painful to do so.


    1. It was so painful writing but it was so cathartic as well – I felt amazing putting my thoughts and feelings into words. It is so powerful to come to terms with things and releasing them in a positive manner. Thank you for reading šŸ™‚

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  3. I believe in hope. When my daughter had cancer and almost died I felt I was in a losing battle, I was losing hope, faith and trust, so I called out to the universe (and to every person that I knew believed and practiced any form of spirituality) for assistance. She lived and is thriving today. And my calling out brought a very positive person into my life who teaches me everyday about the power of positive thinking. Thanks for sharing your story.


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