Do No Harm (but take no sh*t)

This is my motto/resolution/rule/promise to myself for the year of 2016.

I mean, it’s something I live by anyway, but I’m trying extra hard to live by this.

I’ve hurt a lot of people in my life. People I’ve never meant to hurt. But I own up to my mistakes and weaknesses – I have hurt a lot of people and I spend every minute of every single day and night sending quiet little “I’m sorry’s” and I forever will until my last breath.

But I’m conscious of that now and I know what I’m doing, who I’m hurting, and how I’m hurting them.

I will do more harm. I will try not to do any more harm to anyone – myself included. I’m trying to live a more wholesome and kind life. I have been trying for quite a while now and I always try to be a good person, a good human being.

On the same note, I will do my best to not take anyone’s sh*t. I will not take blame for things I am not to blame for. I will say “no” when I want to and I will say “yes” when I want to. I will not take part in fake and phony friendships and relationships. I will stand up for myself and for anyone who needs me to stand up for them. I will be who I want to be with no remorse.

I will be a kind human being. A loving and genuine human being.

I will do no harm (but I will take no sh*t).


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