I’m back…

I’ve been gone for a long time. There’s countless reasons why. The truth is, I’ve been busy. Grad school and work take up almost all of my time. The rest of the time I have left in my days and weeks is divided between family-time, me-time, and socializing-time. Oh, and sleep.

The way I see it, life is a pie-chart and this is what mine currently looks like:


My pie-chart created in 2 minutes with some random numbers and colors…

As you can see, my life is a seemingly organized, yet an actual mess right now. I even gave socializing an 8% when that is definitely not the case at all. Most of the time, me-time, socializing, and sleep start to jumble up into one and usually just become sleep because that is what I need the most.

As a new semester begins next week, I know that this pie-chart is going to become this:


I searched “mess” on google and this showed up…it was meant to be.

Wish me luck, you guys…and a welcome back!

I plan to update this blog semi-regularly…I promise.



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