I hope everyone had a great weekend!

I just wanted to share some articles and songs that caught my attention!

Also, If you haven’t checked out my first Spoken Word Poem, check it out and let me know what you think!

Try by Colbie Caillat – This song is pretty old at this point, but I just got around to watching the music video and it brought me to tears. The song challenges society’s emphasis on superficial beauty and empowers women in their own skin.

20 Beautifully Honest Quotes About Love – I’m a huge quote fan (is that even a thing?) so I love articles like this. Plus, these quotes are just so beautiful.

Worth It by Fifth Harmony – I wouldn’t consider myself a huge Fifth Harmony fan but I love quite a few of their singles and this one is big right now. It’s a good pump up song to workout to and it’s lots of fun to blast in the car as well; on top of that, it promotes positivity, so what’s not to love?

33 Ways To Be An Insanely Productive, Happy Balanced Person – I love Thought Catalog articles like this one because it gives good advice on ways to be productive and happy. Of course, not all of these ways work for anyone and everyone, but just trying one or two tips out for a week is worthwhile – or try more and see how they work out for you.

Never Be Alone by Shawn Mendes – I’ve been listening to a lot of Shawn Mendes these past few weeks. This is a slower song; it’s beautifully sung and the message is so comforting and wonderful.

32 Of The Most Beautiful Words In The English Language – I just really loved this BuzzFeed article – I loved reading about all these words and I loved the pictures added with each word.

A Little Too Much by Shawn Mendes – Another Shawn Mendes song; this one is about how life sometime just gets a little too much. The chords on this song are so soothing and comforting.

27 Super-Easy Beauty Tips For Even The Laziest Girls – I personally loved this article because it gave simple and easy tips. I think a lot of people like make-up but don’t always know how to utilize it and don’t like trying new things, so these tips are perfect and easy to follow.

Can’t Stop Dancing by Becky G – I didn’t like this song the first time I heard it on the radio but it came on while I was working out today and I loved it. It’s a far more upbeat song than I’m used to but it’s fun and quirky, like Becky G.

Bonus: I know a lot of people aren’t fans of crazy YouTube videos, but I am! Here are two videos I recommend this week – but fair warning: they are very “out there” and crazy and aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Tyler Oakley and Mamrie Hart are 2 of my go-to’s when I need a laugh and these two videos made me laugh way too hard.

Ya Busted – Mamrie Hart ft Tyler Oakley

The Birds and the Bees – Tyler Oakley ft Mamrie Hart

I hope everyone has a great week!


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