Before I Graduate

I’m graduating on May 17th, 2015 – so in about 4 months (just about 125 days), just a few days after my 22nd birthday. I’ve been thinking about it all and it’s terrifying, graduating and turning 22. It’s all a big step and I don’t know if I’m ready for it all. But I know that I’ll get there and I hope when I do, I’ll feel accomplished and proud and ready for the next steps of my life.

But before all that, I want to set a few goals for myself and put a deadline on them: graduation. They’re not really resolutions, just goals that are important to me and I want to see how much I can accomplish. It’s scary putting this much pressure on myself this last semester of undergrad but I believe in myself and I believe in the process I’m putting myself through. I’m my own worst critic and in some ways, this is my journey to find love and happiness within myself. So here goes. Here are a few things I want to accomplish in the next 4 months or so:

  • Read at least 8-10 books, by choice
  • Go to the gym (or do some workout) for at least 100/125 days (25 days off seems too high but low expectation)
  • Keep up with this blog – post at least 1 post a week (ideally more)
  • End this semester with straight A’s (yet again, ha)
  • Make someone/anyone laugh at least once every day (kind of abstract but a goal nonetheless)
  • Create at least 1 piece of artwork that I am really proud of
  • Wake up sometime between 7-9am – even on weekends 
  • Do more things that are inconvenient/scary/out of my way (pretty abstract)
  • Substitute at least once a week (even if just half day)
  • Make new/more friends
  • Take more pictures
  • Not procrastinate on any of my appointments
  • Do at least 1 selfless act every single day 
  • Join a team (any kind of team) and partake in those activities
  • Have at least $350+ in my savings account after paying off credit/any bills
  • Lose at least 8-10 pounds (another seemingly low expectation)
  • Mend and maintain the important relationships/friendships in my life (again, abstract but important to me)
  • Keep my promises, big and small
  • And lastly, not give up

I will be journaling about each of these goals in the coming days/weeks/months and I will be updating it all here and adding notes as I go along so keep up with it all with me.

Here’s to not giving up and trying to be better.


19 thoughts on “Before I Graduate

  1. This list made me smile. I love the “get up between 7 and 9 even on weekends.” You clearly are much younger than me! Also loved to do one selfless act each day. Best of luck on your graduation. We will all be watching!


  2. That’s quite a list there! I know how you feel about being terrified about what comes after graduation, as I also graduate in May 🙂 I look forward to following your journey on accomplishing these goals and wish you good luck on them!

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