Weekly Small Pleasures (2)

Some good things happened this week, so in no particular order, here they are!

I had some blood tests done.
I submitted my grad school app.
Target trips.
I laughed quite a bit.
I substituted for a preschool class.
It snowed.
I got a lot of sleep.
Finally upgraded to the 5s.
I drank a lot of water.
Throwback songs.
Watched a good movie with my siblings.
“What I wouldn’t do” by Serena Ryder.
Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig – podcast.
Maxwell (my car) made it through the snow and ice.
Funny snapchats.
Progressed in my cross-stitching.

How was your week?


6 thoughts on “Weekly Small Pleasures (2)

  1. Beautiful photo! And I guess it is these little things that are what make life good! This week (because it’s summer where I live), I was bitten by mosquito after mosquito (so unfortuately didn’t get a lot of sleep), I got a new pair of glasses (finally!), I found out I could (amazingly) still do 10 pushups in a row after a long period of very little exercise, and I too drank a lot of water haha


    1. Any good things that happen in the week are appreciated! I’m jealous you’re enjoying the summer but I feel your pain regarding the mosquitos, I hate them (they also hate me!) Here’s to a great week ahead!


      1. Thanks! 🙂 Yes! I feel like mosquitos have a personal vendetta against me because they keep biting me and no one else… I’m kinda envious that you’re enjoying winter, because I love snow! And hot chocolate! I guess we want what we can’t have 😛 You have a great week too!

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  2. Sometimes the little things can become the big things in life to make us happy! For example, finding a deal or getting what you need at target can make a day go more easily, and that makes me happy!


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