My week in photos! (5)

It has been such a long week! 2 of my siblings graduated (one from 8th grade and one from high school!) and both of their graduation ceremonies were a big deal for me. Ramadan started (keep an eye out for a Ramadan post coming up later this week!) and I have a 50 minute presentation tomorrow – needless to say, I’ve been busy!

Thankfully, I documented a lot of my week through pictures! Enjoy and have a very wonderful week!

Tell me something great that happened to you this past week! Or something you’re looking forward to this upcoming week!



3 thoughts on “My week in photos! (5)

  1. I love the photos! Last week my two older kids finished the school year and today is my younger son’s last hour of school. I always find the transition to Summer hard. It’s a new schedule. Have to make time for art even with the kids around! Thx for sharing!


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