My Demons and I (Original Spoken Word)

I had the option to kill my demons
I could have made them suffer
I could have ended them once and for all
I could have taken the life from them as they had taken from me
Without them, I might have survived
But I didn’t kill them
Instead, I looked them dead in the eyes
I embraced them
I made peace with them
Now my demons and I are friends
They sleep with me
They walk with me
They live with me
But they don’t suffocate me
They don’t lead me
They don’t scare me
They don’t define me
I don’t hide my demons anymore
I bring them out in the sunlight
I show them the world
I tell them stories and make them laugh
In the closet they were, now they’re out at last
I tell people my story and assure them that I’m alright
I feel peace when I utter little snippets of my horrors
I smile and say, “It was in the past, I’m okay now”
Then my demons and I walk away
Walking beside one another
Stride by stride, we fade into the light

“If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels.” – T. Williams


8 thoughts on “My Demons and I (Original Spoken Word)

  1. Very profound. I have my little reminder that I do kind things because I’m a kind person. Not because I’m supposed to out of everyone’s fear of those little demons and my need to control them.

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