Appreciate Your Health

I never appreciate my health until something goes wrong or I get sick.

It’s so awful. It’s like whenever I catch a cold and can’t stop coughing, I always think, “Why didn’t I appreciate it when I wasn’t coughing?” or when I have a stuffy nose, I think, “Why didn’t I appreciate when I could breathe through my nose?”

On Thursday, I had a rake’s metal spike go into the side of my food. It is extremely difficult to walk and my foot is in extreme pain. I walked to a nearby park (at most a mile and half away) today and I barely made it back. It’s healing, I’m pretty sure, but it’s just very painful and since walking is a necessity, it’s just always painful and hard to function.

And of course, now I’m thinking, “Why didn’t I appreciate when I could walk without pain?” and “Why didn’t I appreciate when I wasn’t in constant pain?”

Now that I’m conscious of this, I am going to try to make an effort to be more appreciative and thankful for my health. Physically, I am not where I want to be. I’m not even where I want to be mentally. But I am doing well – I have it a lot better than other people. I am able and functioning and I can do a lot – mentally and physically. For this, I am thankful.

To end this, I just want to remind everyone to be appreciative of what you have before it’s gone. This goes for everything you have – health, finances, education, opportunities, abilities, and of course, family (by blood and by bond).


10 thoughts on “Appreciate Your Health

  1. Great post. It’s very easy to take our health for granted. I was recently sick this week and it caused me to miss blogging and school… and I found myself thinking that I should really appreciate the majority of the year when I’m not sick, or in pain.

    Hope you get better soon!


  2. Seems like we all have a tendency to take things for granted when all is well. I have arthritic knees which flare up often enough. Whenever they are causing me pain I wish I had done all kinds of things when they were not bothering me. But when I get back to feeling better I again fail to do those things. Is it just human nature?


    1. I think it is human nature – we just don’t recognize and appreciate what we have until it is compromised or taken away. But I hope your knees are doing okay!


  3. Oh my I hope you heal quickly! Thank you for sharing this post, it’s very true that we take such simple/normal things for granted, and then we realize we rely upon them more than we think.


  4. I hope you foot heals soon. Unfortunately, we can take our health for granted and it is not until we don’t have it that we wish we did. Good health is truly a gift.


  5. Hope you are feeling better. I get socked every three years or so with a bad cold. Really takes it out of me. Draggy, etc. I’m chiming with your thoughts of appreciating good health. Not feeling sorry for myself, but, drat it, I can’t wait to be 98 percent again!
    It’s a pleasure to read your blog. Now that bike-repair season is in full swing, I don’t have a lot of time to blog, but there’s always short opportunities to check out the Blogging 101 alumni stuff!


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