Though Catalog (1)

I love reading articles in my free time. I waste time on news websites, I go through a lot of self-help articles and slide shows, and I love the website Thought Catalog – it’s just a perfect way to spend some free time. They have articles on pretty much any topic; some articles are about what’s going on in the news, some are about viral videos, some are about personal stories, and some are just random lifestyle articles. I love the slogan of Thought Catalog: “All Thinking is Relevant” – to me, that just means anyone is able to express their thoughts and opinions and their way of thinking. The articles are quick and easy to read, they’re understandable, and they can cater to all ways of thinking.

I have quite a list of favorite articles on there, but here are my recent favorites that have been so positive, helpful, and thought-provoking:

20 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think You Are

14 Things It’s Time You Forgave Yourself For

20 Things You Should Know About Yourself By The Time You’re In Your Twenties

16 Questions That Will Show You Who You Are (And What You’re Meant To Do)

25 Underappreciated Things Adulthood Feels Like


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