Weekly Small Pleasures (5)

This week was a tough week – school-wise and life-wise. But like every other week, I got through it.

Here are some of the great things that happened this past week:

  • I spoke my mind
  • My car is semi-fixed
  • The quote above really spoke to me
  • Girl Meets World (one of the greatest shows, can’t lie)
  • I slept well most nights
  • Counseling session went well
  • I came up with a new topic for my seminar paper
  • Family – by blood and bond
  • I painted a cool piece
  • I got through blogging101

Honestly, it’s pretty hard coming up with things for my list this week because it’s been a tough week, but I didn’t want to skip this week. I hope this upcoming week is better and brings a lot of happiness and positivity.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday! Enjoy the Superbowl – I’m personally not rooting for either team, I just want a good game!

Who are you guys rooting for?! Seahawks or Patriots? I’d love to know!


9 thoughts on “Weekly Small Pleasures (5)

  1. It’s great to see you are looking at all the positives that have happened, considering it hasn’t been a great week. My week wasn’t so great either, but I should try to be more mindful in the positives.


    1. Thank you – tough weeks just really get to you but there’s still positivity to be appreciated throughout all the tough times. I’m sorry you didn’t have a great week, but there is good news for the both of us: now it’s a new week 🙂


  2. Mm, that was a great quote above that you included. I like that you’re still able to post about the positive things despite the roughness of the week; I hope this one goes better for you! And I was rooting for the Seahawks for my friend (since I’m a Giants fan and they weren’t playing).

    Oh, and I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award 🙂



    1. Thank you – I hope this upcoming week treats you well! Aww the Seahawks were sooo close if it weren’t for the last minute interception. At least it made for an interesting game!

      And oh my, thank you so very much! It means so much to me! Thank you!

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  3. Sometimes we just have to deal with bad weeks. I’m glad you could look on the bright side. I hope this week has been going better and will get even better for you.
    p.s. I don’t know if I said this already but it you’d like, link back to my most recent Sunday weekly small pleasures post every week so that you can have a pingback in my blog and people might find your post more 🙂


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