Weekly Small Pleasures (4)

This past week was pretty long (despite it being a short school week) and there were plenty of ups and downs – here are some of the good/great things that happened this past week:

  • A great family weekend last weekend
  • Figured out my senior seminar topic and submitted my proposal
  • I was a good friend to my friends – I was supportive, kind, positive, and selfless
  • This article
  • Semi-good workout week (there were a few off days)
  • I officially started trauma counseling and while it was painful, I look forward to delving into my traumatic experiences in the coming weeks
  • Successful shopping trip
  • I started the Serial podcast and I am officially obsessed
  • My plant started growing and I am very excited about this
  • I spent a lot of time with my family
  • My car part arrived
  • One of my closest friends secured her internship and I am happy that I was there to support her through the stress of it all
  • Teaching went well
  • I connected with so many amazing bloggers on here and I am very thankful for all the content you all share and more than that, I am very thankful for all the inspiration and motivation you all spread

Above all else, I felt good about myself this week. I felt positive and I felt hopeful. I have so much hope now, I feel so much hope, and maybe it’s crazy of me to have so much hope but it gets me through. I feel myself being stronger and more in control. It doesn’t mean that I don’t feel hurt and upset, it just means that I feel in control of my emotions. There is a new light within me and I’m so glad I have found some hope and strength from within.

I hope everyone had an amazing week and I hope this upcoming week is fantastic and wonderful!

I urge you all to try to keep a physical or mental list of all the good things that happen – believe me, you’ll feel so great!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Small Pleasures (4)

  1. Wow! This is so uplifting. With so much negative events happening around us,been able to focus on those little events that were able to delight us is empowering. Like you rightly mentioned, it’s not that the hurt and pain are not there, but we have within us the will and ability to control our reactions to them. God bless.


    1. Exactly – it’s so helpful making note of all the positives amongst the negatives. We are able to control our reactions to all the things that happen and I am trying to better myself in the face of life. Best of luck to you! 🙂


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