Fun Facts Tag

I was tagged by the wonderful Sugar and Spice a few days ago to do the Fun Facts Tag! Go check out her blog – she posts a lot of unique content.

Part of the tag constitutes me tagging 5 other bloggers, so here goes:

  1. KellyBean
  2. Streams of Conscious Thoughts
  3. Emma Eats Italian
  4. The Sunny C
  5. XOXO Chay

Check ’em out, they’re some of my favorite blogs!

Alright, here are my 10 fun facts about myself:

  1. Red and Blue are tied for my favorite colors
  2. I’m a huge Manchester United fan
  3. I’m really good at solving riddles
  4. I went to Disney World last May with my best friend and it was the best week of my life
  5. I’m a dog person
  6. I love the Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy
  7. I’m really introverted but once I get comfortable with people, I can be really talkative and funny and outgoing
  8. Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill are my favorite shows
  9. If I could have one wish, it would be for 10 certain people in my life to be eternally happy (I am not on the list of 10 people)
  10. Kanye West’s “Stronger,” Matt Nathanson’s “Come on Get Higher,” and Phillip Phillips “Gone Gone Gone” are my top 3 songs

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