Why am I here? (but not so existentially-speaking)

I guess this is the part where I talk on and on about why I made this blog. Truth is, I’ve created and kept up with blogs before. But I’m trying to move on from them. Those blogs have a lot of negativity on them and I’m trying to move past that line of thinking. I guess this is my more “grown-up” blog.

I’ve always expressed myself the best through writing. Writing things down (whether it be on paper or on an electronic medium) has always been my go-to because it’s kinda like therapy, you know? But cheaper (ha).

I’ve never been one to express myself in a particularly creative manner. I’m not good at drawing or painting. I’m not great at photography. I don’t play an instrument. I can’t sing (though put on Sam Smith and I’ll kill it). I (definitely) can’t dance. That’s just how it is. But I’ve been trying to change that. I’ve started watercolor painting, I’m trying to read more, I bought a camera and started taking pictures, and I’ve started cross-stitching. Will I master any of those? Let’s be real, probably not – but I’m channeling my creative side and that’s what matters. It’s healthy to dabble in a few different things. Maybe I’ll become the next Picasso, maybe I’ll become a world-famous photographer, or maybe I’ll just become a more healthy and wholesome me (I’m betting on option #3.)

On here, I’m not going to limit myself. Hopefully it will be a mixture of a lot of things. Who knows. We’ll see what happens.

It’s not my intention to share this blog with anyone in particular. But if you happen to find yourself on here, please enjoy your stay.



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